FRAUD ALERT: if you’ve received a check that says it’s from Verge Network, drawn on a US Bank account ending in 1123, DO NOT accept it and contact local authorities.

Now A Key Vendor Becomes Your New Revenue-Generating Partner. A Simple, Reliable Way to Monetize Unsold Inventory. You’ve heard the old analogy that stopsets are like planes taking off – if they’re not full you can’t ever sell those seats again.  Verge Network eliminates the lost potential of unsold spots by monetizing them for you. The agreement is simple and flexible.  Implementation requires very little timeweek-to-week.  The income is consistent and hassle-free. Our one-page agreement is straight-forward:

A Simple & Flexible Agreement

• Identify each of your radio stations, and how much inventory you have available to sell.
• Any increment of 3 minutes per day (for example: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18) is adjustable anytime with advance notice.
• You earn 75% of all revenue collected.

Easy Implementation
Following our simple instructions, implementation takes just minutes every week:

• Traffic instructions arrive weekly via e-mail.
• Spots arrive digitally – and almost completely hands-free, depending on your automation system.
• Using our scheduling strategy, electronic affidavits take very little time to complete.

Clear Reporting and Payments
Each individual Station’s revenue share is determined by its percentage of overall AQH Persons (A25-54) for the entire network. Monthly reports give you an easy-to-read summary and look ahead – booking, billing, and collection. Checks arrive monthly for the previous month’s collections.

CONTACT US: To allow us to create additional revenuefor your station, call Verge Network at 855-99-VERGE or e-mail Justin Potts.