Verge Radio Network Brings Your Strategy Into Focus

If you’ve realized things have changed out there, you’re not alone.  And if you’re struggling to figure out how to adapt — how to put a compelling, more localized product on the air with limited staff and budget — how to integrate social media into your station brand to drive ratings and revenue — and how to extend your brand into the mobile phone environment — you’re on the verge of something great!

Verge Radio Network takes all of today’s most creative thinking about Radio and makes it available to you in your choice of cash or barter models — in all market sizes.  We help you maximize your ON-AIR presentation.  We help you migrate ON-LINE — including social media and the mobile phone environment (which will do for Radio what the Sony Walkman did in the ’80s).  We help you prepare your sales team for building revenue with all these new tools, and we help you get them back to some basics that have been lost in the last decade.