ACURION HEALTH – Arthritis Study

Thank you for being part of the campaign.  This page contains links to the materials you will need, and some “best practices” ideas to maximize your revenue.  Additional contact information is below should you have any questions or concerns, or wish to discuss the campaign further in any way.

Here is a link to pre-recorded :30 and :60 commercials for this study (choose either or both for on-air use) – also cleared for streaming:

Arthritis – MP3’s

For best results, we recommend talent live reads and/or recorded spots by local talent whenever possible.  You are welcome to record any local version of the spots you wish as long as you do not modify the copy (for legal reasons).  Here is a link to scripts for :30 and :60, as well as :15 billboard copy:

Arthritis – Scripts

Another important way to maximize response is by incorporating banner ads on your website.  These may also be posted in your social media.  We have provided three stock sizes (728×90, 300×100, and 300×250), but if you need a custom size please e-mail for fast service.  The ads all link to the same URL in the commercial scripts.  Here is a link to download the website advertising:

Arthritis – Ads

Should you have any questions or concerns, or need anything to help you maximize revenue from the campaign, please let us know immediately:

Steven Ludwig
(615) 473-3379 Tel
(615) 807-3334 Fax