Comprehensive, Contemporary News & Information Elements Designed to Meet the Challenges of the Multi-Platform Digital Broadcast.

News, Weather, Sports & Traffic can drive audience to your On-Air, On-Line, Mobile, and Social Media platforms – even though you may use them differently on each.

News, Weather, Sports & Traffic are things advertisers like to sponsor — again, across all delivery platforms.

It no longer takes in-house staffing and budget to deliver high-quality, private-label content that plugs simply into your broadcasts: On-Air, On-Line, Mobile and Social Media.

Powered by Missouri News Horizon, the news module offers a contemporary approach to news with tools that easily integrate with your On-Air, On-Line, Mobile, and Social Media programming.

Custom News Module.
Ideal for larger-market stations seeking to deliver a seamless brand.  Market-exclusive voices.

Semi-Custom News Module.
Ideal for News-Talk Stations of all sizes; comprehensive content.  Some customization.

Weather Module.
Forecasting across all four platforms, RADAR views, current conditions, and video updates in severe weather posted to your website, Facebook, and RSS feeds for your mobile app – all from our Missouri-based weather team.  Critical when severe weather happens.

Sports Module.
College, Pro, and even High School Sports covered from the hometown perspective with concise On-Air reports adapted into more in-depth On-Line resources for the website, Facebook, and your mobile app.  Sponsors love this stuff!

Traffic Module.
Concise On-Air reports and more in-depth camera views with video reporting on the website, Facebook, and your mobile app.  Take your traffic reporting to the next level.

Stock News Module.
Ideal for music-based Stations of all sizes.  Concise, contemporary approach to content.  Minimizes On-Air clutter; refers to On-Line, Mobile, & Social Media environments for more in-depth content.

Social Media Module.
P1 listeners are the most likely to connect with you through Social Media, so it is a key way to communicate with them off the air.  But listeners use Facebook and Twitter differently than they use Radio, so the programming has to take those differences into account.  This is a key element in becoming a media broadcaster; not just a Radio broadcaster.

Smartphone Module.
The mobile platform has the potential to combine your On-Air broadcast, more in-depth On-Line resources, and the interactive capabilities of the Social Media platform.  Our mobile apps realize that full potential!  Smartphones are profoundly changing consumer (listener) behavior, and our mobile apps let you respond to those changes without diverting precious resources.   Mobile Apps integrate all the modules to create a powerful hub for your Stations!

The Missouri News & Information Pack, powered by Missouri News Horizon’s statewide news gathering team and superior technology, helps you deliver 
audience-building content seamlessly across On-Air, On-Line, Mobile, and Social Media platforms. That creates better ratings for you, more revenue 
for you, and all with much less work. And it 
doesn’t matter how much staffing or budget you 
have (or don’t have) available…

Our team functions as part of your team. It’s not out-sourcing, it’s IN-SOURCING – because the team is just minutes away and they know you, they know your audience, they know your market…

The entire Missouri News & Information Pack – any and all modules – is available to you on a barter, cash, or hybrid basis. So no matter your budget and avails, we can find a way to get you what you need and want – and design a way to pay that fits.