Drive your ON-AIR audience to become part of your SOCIAL MEDIA audience in greater numbers – by taking the quality of your content to an entirely new level, unsurpassed in your market! Add Xi Xi Yang, host of PopStop TV on MSN, as your “Social Media Host” and gain market-exclusive, co-branded access to all her daily entertainment and music reports posted automatically to your station’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and tied back to what’s happening on the air with daily interactive liners Xi Xi sends to talk on-air about what’s happening in your social media broadcast. Available market-exclusive for barter or cash.

Mix and match this 3-in-1 content in all sorts of ways for ratings & revenue: ON-AIR you get five daily one-hour mixes that also aggregate seamlessly into up to a five-hour block on Fri or Sat night… ON-LINE you get a complete get a complete STREAMING VIDEO version of the mix available on-demand to drive web and social media audience 24/7… ON-SITE you can turn the whole thing into an NTR event by selling the mix as a five-hour multi-media show at night clubs. Pick and choose how you use it; available market-exclusive for cash or barter.

Your best listeners become your best advertising in social media – sharing songs and other things they hear with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter with a mobile phone and CTunes Network! Become a CTunes Network affiliate at no cost to you, share 50% of all revenue from push e-mails to listeners, and give P1 listeners the ability to be your best fans in social media. The exclusive CTunes Network hands-free technology converts the listener’s voice into text and lets her automatically post her thoughts on Facebook and Twitter – you MUST see this incredible new technology to believe it!

Numbers tell the story. As much as 90% of your reported Arbitron listening comes from P1 listeners. And P1 listeners are the ones most likely to seek you out in a mobile app. So why let yourself get lost in a sea of other options?! You need your OWN mobile app, and you need the best apps in the business to identify P1 listeners, let them interact with each other in a community, and build their loyalty so they listen more and interact with the radio station’s brand in an entirely new, deeper experience only apps can provide. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android, powered by the iFanMedia platform, go FAR BEYOND just a player for your stream – they integrate Facebook and Twitter, and provide a richer, loyalty-inducing experience for P1 listeners that can become the most critical element in marketing your station for its best-possible ratings.