Saturday Outdoors provides a reliable solution that opens up one of the biggest revenue streams in America’s heartland.” Saturday Outdoors is available for barter, and is delivered via an IP streaming receiver provided by the network.

Foremost Hunting and Fishing Experts. Co-Host Joey Fisher is joined, often on-location at expositions and tournaments, by experts from all aspects of the hunting and fishing industries. Integrated On-Line Content. Producing fast-paced, live on-air content and on-line content for your website, social media sites, and mobile apps. With Creative Promotional Overlays. We put the latest gear in your hands to build local promotions in conjunction with our national sponsors. And Local Revenue Opportunities. Our local sales template helps you tap into the outdoor lifestyle to find local sponsors for the show.

LENGTH: Two hours, Saturdays between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Central Time
DELIVERED: LIVE via Barix.  If you do not have a Barix receiver, Verge Networks can arrange to set one up for your station.
CONTACT US: To add Saturday Outdoors to your stations line-up, call Verge Network at 855-99-VERGE or e-mail Grant Merrill.