You are signing up your radio station(s) to participate in a contest to give away Tassimo Brewing Systems on the air in exchange for a promotional fee and commitment to air on-air promotional announcements and other related on-line and social media promotional mentions.  Up to three radio stations from a single cluster or market area may participate.  All radio stations are subject to acceptance by Verge Network, Inc. and Tassimo.

The 11-week promotion will begin between July 9th, 2012 (07/09/2012) and July 23rd (07/23/2012) with two weeks of pre-promotion, followed by 9 weeks of weekly on-air giveaway.

Promotion should conclude no later than October 7th, 2012 (10/07/2012).

You Receive:

Twenty-five (25) Tassimo Suprema T45 Home Brewing Systems per radio station, drop-shipped to the radio station in advance (one for station use and twenty-four for on-air giveaway);

You Provide (per radio station participating):

  • $200 promotional fee per radio station (up to three radio stations per market), paid in advance via credit card, PayPal, or check by fax;
  • Read “Official Brewing System” liners (:15 copy to be provided) on the air twice each hour for 4 hours per day (Mon-Fri) between 5a-9a or 6a-10a – total of 40x/wk X 11 wks;
  • Incorporate “Presented by Tassimo & Bosch” promotional copy (:15 copy to be provided) in a minimum of ten (10) station-recorded promotional announcements per week – total of 10x/wk X 11 wks;
  • Incorporate “Presented by Tassimo & Bosch” contesting copy (:10 copy to be provided) twice per on-air giveaway of a Tassimo Home Brewing System  — total of 2x/giveaway X 9 giveaways;
  • Weekly social media post by station air talent sharing personal, positive experience with Tassimo Home Brewing System (photo, text, and optional video) – minimum of 1x/wk X 11 wks;
  • Banner advertising (art to be provided by Tassimo) on radio station website during 11-week campaign;
  • Mobile banner advertising (if available, art to be provided by Tassimo) on radio station mobile apps during 11-week campaign;
  • Provide basic winner information for each Tassimo unit awarded (name, address, e-mail) so that Tassimo can follow up with registration information and other offers;
  • Certificate of performance (available from our website) to be returned within 1 week after conclusion of the promotion, and date/time affidavit for on-air promotional announcements.

You can incorporate station-level, non-competing sponsors at your discretion.  The number and type of sponsors is limited only by competition with Tassimo and Bosch (i.e. Keurig is a no-no, as well as other appliance companies, but that’s about it).  Exactly how you tie them in, what you charge them, and just about all the other details are up to you.  Just make the promotion last 11 weeks (2 weeks pre-promotion, 9 weeks contest, giving away one Tassimo prize each week).

The exact method is also up to you.  Take registrations at retail locations, on-line, and/or on the air by whatever means you choose – just make sure your contest is legal and meets all your normal FCC standards, too.  All we ask is that the prize be awarded via on-air announcement each week.

The goal is to have a successful promotion.   If you have a great idea that requires modifying these terms and conditions, but adds value to the promotion, please request a waiver in writing and get approval in advance.  We will be flexible wherever possible.

This promotion is available to a limited number of participating radio stations, and your sign-up is subject to availability and approval on a first-come, first-served basis.  Upon approval, your cluster will be protected in your County of License.  We reserve the right to make exceptions to these terms and conditions at our discretion.